Biz Performance Solutions - Services

Biz Performance Solutions (previously Biz Management Solutions) provides services for managing your business from a Cloud Environment including:

  • financial planning,
  • product/service portfolio management,
  • performance management,
  • program management,
  • process management.

Biz Performance Solutions has provided for example:

  • process analysis and metrics generation along with dashboard creation
  • customer, employee, partner, and supplier satisfaction assessments.
  • decision and prioritization frameworks, planning and execution management
  • financial modeling, budgeting, revenue scheduling and recognition, expense management and cost allocation.

We help you drive organizational productivity and business profitability.

All templates provided by Biz Performance Solutions are integrated and aligned to Your Vision, Your Mission, Your Strategies, and Your Objectives. These systems can be used for GAAP and SOX compliance as well as for complex frameworks like Balanced Scorecard and ITIL.

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