Value Propagator | Actionable Intelligence | Informed Decision Making

Value PropagatorPowerful rules engine that takes action for you 24 hours a day

Value Propagator can be configured to evaluate simple to complex rules and take action for you including

  • Evaluate a criteria (e.g,
  • Uniquely allows the evaluation of criteria with field on right hand side
  • Supports boolean expressions based on prior criteria
  • Supports cumulative algorithms
  • Supports function operators to preprocess data to trim left or right or replace
  • Take action immediately or at regularly scheduled days and times
  • For picklist fields, picklist values are presented for
  • Works with standard and custom objects even 3rd party objects

See online demo


This tool can be used to solve many different problems:

  • Classification to improve taxation
  • Ranking of cases for supporting your customer
  • Lead qualifications to let your marketing do marketing and sales do sales