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Our Innovation Pipeline supports proven methodologies, applicable to every industry, non-profits, government, and IT and is built on top of the effective and productive dynamic platform. It’s pay as your grow billing is set up so that your entire organization can be connected and aligned to your business objectives cost effectively with real ROI.

Our Innovation Pipeline is designed from the ground up to be completely compatible with processes such as ISO 9000, Balanced Scorecard, ITIL for IT Management, and PMIBOK. In addition, our products are based on MBA frameworks and principles from Stanford and Harvard University as well as PMI, project management frameworks and is ideal for use in Strategic Planning, product and services.

Our Innovation Pipeline fully integrates different business functions offered on the AppExchange including project management, account management, expense and time tracking in addition to functionality not currently found on the AppExchange such as business accounting including budgeting and revenue scheduling for Performa financial statements. Plus, the foundation of our products gives you financial management, including invoicing and payment scheduling, and a way to do cost accounting behind the scenes.

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Powerful rules engine that takes action for you 24 hours a day

 Value Propagator can be configured to evaluate simple to complex rules and take action for you.

This tool can be used to solve many different problems:

  • Classification to improve taxation
  • Ranking of cases for supporting your customer
  • Lead qualifications to let your marketing do marketing and sales do sales

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Value Maximizer
Value Maximizer actually contains two apps: one for process management with projects down to tasks, one for financial management providing real-time ROI at each step of the way.

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Value Strategizer

Biz Performance Solution’s Value Strategizer gives senior decision makers ability to instantly view rationale and measurable progress towards corporate strategy, prioritize and focus different team efforts, and optimize for profitable revenue streams.

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Value Creator Manages Value Creation Processes Through Your Organizations
Value Creator is actually a suite of apps that are all integrated together and provide a powerful platform for creating value throughout the organization including your Innovation Pipeline, priority #1 these days.

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