Innovation Challenges in Tourism industry:
New Business Model

Market research is essential to understand what strategies will work depending on the geography. Rapid delivery of marketing results through automation of the process gives a strategic competitive advantage and allows for higher profit margins. The fresher the results; the more satisfied customers will be.

Marketing money is a premium these days so spending it wisely is key to profitability in these uncertain times. So understanding all the costs of a marketing campaign including its research and knowing what the margin has to be to get a profitable results for the business is critical for showing a true ROI.

Further giving the sales people the tool to know what the margin would be and what the target should be for the company to remain profitable, making sales a part of the solution rather than casting them as a part of the problem. In addition, the rapid delivery of custom research further differentiates and the exploration of potential new revenue streams.

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Example Results

  • 20% increase in operating profit,
  • 70% increase in customer satisfaction;
  • 24% increase in employee understanding of strategy