Benefits for Sales

Innovation Challenges in the Sales Organization

When will the new product and/or service be introduced? How does this new product and/or service relate to existing products and/or services? When will I receive training on this new product and/or service?

What are the features? Which ones of these features are critical to deals in the Sales pipeline?

What type of customers and roles at these customers should be interested in these new products and/or services? Will there be a calculator to know if a deal make sense and whether target margins for this product and/or service will be met? What are the resources that will be needed to deploy this product and/or service? Will these resources be available in time to meet the customer's deadline?

Will the questions to qualify a customer as an opportunity for this new product and/or service change?


How does the Innovation Pipeline help the Sales Organization?

Our application shows the roadmap of product and services and the stage and status that they are in. With each release, you can associate a set of features. Each feature can be associated with a market with a set of one or more roles that requires such a feature. Features can also be associated with an account that requires such a feature.

In addition, lead qualification process to become an opportunity can vary be product and/or service as well as have a criteria based on the status of a release or feature and the score can be automatically calculated based a wide set of criteria.

Quotation can show sales the margin on the deal as well as the targetted margin to help the company achieve the margins necessary to be a healthy business to withstand uncertain times. Quotation can also be used to include post sales activities required to deliver the product and/or service and automatically reserve resources based on the priority of the deal and provide real time feedback about if the customer deadline can be made.

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