Benefits for R&D

Innovation Challenges for the R&D Organization
Do you have a set of criteria that need to be met before passing it on to QA?Whether you use Agile and Waterfall both have entry and/or exit criteria that need to be met to move to the next step. How do you remember the criteria to be met and what has been met? In your head? How often does another group push work back because one of the criteria wasn’t met? How does this interruption affect your focus on whatever needs to be done next to go back to something that was supposed to have been completed already?

Wouldn't it be great if you could just indicate a task to be memorized for reuse again and then be able to make a copy of this task each item that you do the same type of work again and be able to check off the work and indicate the deliverable produced?

Do you spend time helping others, especially new people, learn about how things are done in your area or between groups? Does this informal training interrupt your train of thought on what you are supposed to be working on?

Would it be great to have a list (or set of lists) that you use with the set of deliverables that you produce to share with other groups, including new members to that group, and use to simply document that process between functional areas (or divisions) as well as train other people within your area and outside of your area?

Do you ever have a few a fleeting thought that you want to write down? But by the time you find a place to put down the thought, you have lost the thought.

Do you work on projects but wonder why this is important? Have you worked on a project only have it put on indefinite hold or never get used?What if you could see how what you are working on relates to the strategy of the company and why it is important to its future including on the due diligence that was done to come to the decision to do this project?

What if you could just click a button on the page to see how this relates and its relative importance to the company as well as the consequence to the bottom line of the company if it doesn't get done or is delayed a week or a month?

How does the Innovation Pipeline help the R&D organization?

Capture those fleeting thoughts in our quick notes and then figure out where it should go and how to relate it to other things later to avoid loosing the thought.

With our application, you can turn tasks into checklist items to be reused later. You can use the checklist to generate a new set of tasks and when the task is done the checklist item is automatically checked off. As the your initial checklist grows, the checklist will just become too large and you will realize that there are grouping in the checklist that you want to keep separate. You can simply check on the checklist items that you want to move and name a new or another checklist for them to move to.

You can share these checklist items with others for their use or for review of what they expect you do and what they are expected to do. As you grow in size, these expectation need to get more formalized so that as other come into the company that can know what to expect.

Our application allows you to see how your work fits into the "bigger picture" and what impact it will have if you are not able to meet your commitments. You can see the rationale and all the information and alternatives considered and be inline with the strategies of the company.

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