Benefits for Program and Project Managers

Innovation Challenges in Program Management

Do you spend a lot of time trying to find out what the status of tasks are in order to make a decision on whether to proceed to the next set of tasks? Do you also get the risk level behind those status?

Wouldn't it be great if you could just roll up the status and the risk of all the dependent tasks and have the next set of tasks automatically get created when the criteria has been met and the risk level has been reflected in all of the reports including future profitability?

Do you spend a lot of time working on spreadsheets to roll up the costs of a program as compared with the original budget or in comparison to either the revenue or cost savings to get the latest return on investment? Do you find errors in the spreadsheet afterwards or worse someone finds an error during a review, putting your whole hours of calculations in doubt? Do you calculate the ROI just once at the beginning because it is so time consuming to redo it at each revenue or there is no priority after the program is over to do such a time consuming recalculation? Have you ever done a budget including revenue and had to stack on the costs and revenue based on ranking of the products/projects to find out where the money runs out?

Wouldn't it be great if costs and revenue (or savings) roll up's where automatic both for planning and actuals and ROI was recalculated in real time without ever having to worry again about if the formulas got copied correctly and you could see where funding runs out based on this ranking?

Do you have projects that repeat like for a newsletter or for a conference or tradeshow? Do you have to manually recreate the project each time its starts a new? Do you spot missing tasks or want a task created for the next time based on what you just learned from this project?

Do you have deliverables that need to be created after a sale using a process for either delivering services or custom deliverables?

How can the Innovation Pipeline help in Program Management?

Our application can automatically include cost information with every task and roll up that information for both budgets and actuals along with revenue projections or cost savings projections to provide a real time ROI. Programs can be ranked to show the total projected budget so that it is easy to determine what can be funded and not funded based on the budget available. Programs can be launched on budget approval automatically.

Uniquely our application supports repeating programs and addition of missing tasks for future iterations. Programs can also be launched upon booking an order where additional work must be performed post sales as in most of the services sector.

In addition, our application allows everyone to status and assess risk of their own work and can automatically launch next tasks based on entry and/or exit criteria and roll up into reports and dashboards. Also, critical resource bottlenecks can be identified and schedules managed carefully to avoid overloading.

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Note Value Creator or Value Steps is NOT intended to replace MS Project. Reality is most people don’t use most of the feature of MS Project and only really use it for first planning or re-planning detailed activities. It actually gets in the way of day to day changes and is very difficult to work with large projects across multiple departments or divisions that are managed by different executives. There is no configurable way to roll up status to phase/stages or to have a master project. Microsoft solutions to Project costing accounting is to use “Excel”, which to have to create yourself and try to keep the formulas right.