Challenges in the IT Services business:
New Service models

Do you have a number of vendors of technology with one or more products with current and future releases with many features that you need to decide if it is worth the time to re-qualify into your production environment? Do you have a set of criteria that need to be met to qualify or re-qualify a product into your production environment? Do you have a similar set of criteria for anything produced by IT for the business users (internal customers)? Do you still track meeting these criteria in desktop tools? How do you verify that the existing business processes and improved business processes are actually working? How do you track problems found when qualifying or re-qualifying products or IT development into Production?

Do you have internal customer (business owner) commitments that have been made that you need to track and give updates? How do you show the business owner the set of commitments and incorporate new requests and solicit prioritization among these commitments if resources are constrained?

Can you track back release to the business's strategy and objectives for improved customer satisfaction or improved margins?

How does the Innovation Pipeline help the IT Service Business?

Use our application to capture what the business needs are, how they can be addressed, and get the business owners to prioritize the needs with a proper change control methodology. Track work being performed back to the business strategy and/or objective that requires it to understand the value and impact of this work.

With our application you can track vendor's products and their features and relate them to projects to qualify or re-qualify them into your production environment using a set of criteria pre-defined and add new criteria and promote to standard set of criteria for future use. In addition, you create a budget and track actuals against the budget to see the ROI in real-time as the work continues and the savings are realized or the additional revenue is captured.

Also, you can see all the business commitments made, their resource commits, and their status in a single page, management at a glance view.

You can track problems back to the specific business process's user flow where the problem was encountered, providing a closed loop corrective action to each problem found.

Example Results
  • 15% productivity increase,
  • 10% internal customer increase in productivity