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Innovation Challenges in the IT organization

Do you have to keep track of vendor updates and/or releases to roll into your production environment? How do you decide which ones to roll out? Which ones have interest from your business owners? Which ones have critical functionality fixes or are required to roll out new functionality that your business owners want? What have you committed to the business owners? for when? Is their internal work that must be done to support these releases or future releases? How are you tracking these changes? Do you have a sign off process for releasing these changes into your production environment? How are you keeping track of all the criteria that must be met to before a release is put into production?

How do you track new tools and new vendor products and features that might be useful in meeting the business owners needs?

How are you tracking on the business requirements and business processes? How are you keeping track of all the possible business flows both primary and alternates? How to do track what has been approved to be released and what is released? How do you track problems that are found and know if they have been resolved?

How do you keep track of the resources need? How do you justify the amount of resources needed at budget time?

How do you know what the impact is if a release is delayed? What is the effect on the business as a whole? How do you evaluate these tools in their ability to meet current needs and future needs? How do you track additional automation capabilities? How do you measure the effects of having cleaner user inputs? How do you measure or value reductions in user time required to perform business processes?

How can the Innovation Pipeline help you in the IT organization?

Our application allows you to model your vendors, their products, and their features and relate them to your business needs.

In addition, commitments that you have made to the business owners about what will be released and when are tracked and displayed graphically in a management at a glance, single page view. The resources needed can be identified and reviewed for over commitment based on business priorities. Future budgets can be projected and be tied directly back to the business commitments that have been made and the value of those business commitments to the overall company strategies and objectives.

Once the commitment is made, you can track status of entry and/or exit criteria as they are being met or are having problems meeting the commitment. Once entry criteria has been met the work can immediately be schedule to be worked and level of resource commitment can be reviewed to make sure that resource are not being over committed.

The application also models the business processes including primary and alternate flows and allows testers to link problems directly to the part of the business flow that is having the problem.

The timing of the business flow can be tracked to show the improvement in productivity by end users including the effects of better data quality.

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