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How is the Innovation Pipeline relavent to my company?

Why is your company in business? Because it has a product or service that someone is willing to pay for.

The process of selecting what innovation the company will fund to generate funding for the future and then executing on those innovations represents the innovation pipeline. This is similar to the sales pipeline with possible leads that turn into opportunities, which hopefully turn into sales. Each sort out what can get the company the most money while costing the company the least to do. Innovation is not limited to for-profit companies. Many non-profit companies invent new programs that in the eyes of their contributes creates value in the community at large.

Whether you are just starting out or responsible for processes within a complex of set of business within a multi-national, multi-division company with traditional stage/phase type innovative process or current agile innovation processes, you are involved in creating something that the market finds unique and valuable to keep your company in business.

There are a set of steps that you do based on your experiences that guide you from just an idea to releasing something to the market. You probably change or add steps as you are exposed to new methologies or technologies. So even if you don't have a formal process, you follow a set of steps that have worked for you in the past.

But as a company grows from a few people to possibly hundreds of thousands of people distributed throughout the world, they need to be able to work together, which means they have to know what specifically to expect from each other in order to create value that someone is willing to pay for to generate the cash that pays your salary and the tools that help you generate success more rapidly, reliably, or efficiently. This often requires that we agree on what we expect from each other and provide enough level of detail to be sure that what is delivered has what we need to do our job and we can easily find in the information.

With our application, you can start with whatever you have now and then grow into new areas as your company's needs grow.

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