Productivity improvements for Small to Medium size businesses

Checklist that grow as you do
Even if you are working with little to no formal process, you have probably worked at a company with more formal processes. It's easy when a company is small with a few people to do informal processes since you only have to worry about hand offs to a few people. But as a company grows with more people and especially as those people do the same job as you, you need more formal processes so other groups can depend on what you do and what gets delivered to other groups. So, start simple:
  • Start by just using Quick Notes to capture information in real time and then come back to them and associate pieces of the information with what it is related to
  • Learn from your past by creating Checklist Items from existing tasks to generate future tasks with when you need them
  • Create additional Checklists from your 'My Checklist' as they get too big to be usable.
  • Share your checklist with others to better align your interactions with them
  • Organize your checklists into steps so you only need to see tasks that need to be done first
  • Allow staff to perform multiple roles and see how much of their time is being spent in these roles.

Increase your productivity and timeliness dramatically with a few simple steps.

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