Productivity improvements for the whole Enterprise sized business

Whether Agile or waterfall methodology,
  • Establish business requirements and link them to their source including competitive threads or market opportunities
  • Prioritize business needs and review resource requirements based on organizational strengths and weakness
  • Use change management to determine all the impacts and get all necessary approvals
  • Automatically take estimates and turn them into project budgets and even drafts expense if the information will be manually entered.
  • Document all of your business process in one place with both primary and alternate user flows
  • Create entry and/or exit check lists for each of your processes
  • If you use tasks, automatically create tasks when checklist items are created for an individual and have them automatically update checklist items on completion.
  • Document problems and link them back to the specific user flow in a business process where the problem occurs
  • For agile, just repeating projects to create the next Sprint and then add sub-projects for each of the Stories in the Sprint and create Releases from the appropriate Sprints
  • Speed up time to market or time to delivery by automatically launch next tasks as criteria are met and void overlooked tasks that could cause the whole process to come to a halt.
  • Automatically compute real time ROI as projected revenue/estimated savings and as either actual revenue/savings or costs change
  • Promote new best practices into business processes as they prove themselves
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