Who's Minding the Innovation Gap?

Because of the economic crisis many companies have had to cut back on their new product development including their staff.  So there is now a gap in most company's innovation pipeline. Some because of how well they were run had the cash reserves to continue their innovation pipelines inspite of the economic crisis.   These few companies will pull far ahead of their competitors that are just starting to get the innovation pipeline cracked up again.  These company's need to find game changing way to catch up.

An excellent Innovation Pipeline depends on both effective due diligence process and stream-lined new product development process but to hold it all together a tool is needed that manages both processes and links strategy to execution and give real time feedback when execution is getting out of sync with the strategy.  

These Best in Class companies have well defined and formed vision, mission, strategies and objectives and everything that they do is linked backed to this core organizational charter.

Biz Performance Solutions is ideal for use in Strategic Planning, product and services or for IT Management and following up on the execution of these plans in the new product development processes, which we refer in total as the "Innovation Pipeline".

Biz Performance Solutions is based on MBA frameworks and principles from Stanford and Harvard University. Biz Performance Solutions is designed from the ground up to be completely compatible with strategy process like Balanced Scorecard and execution processes such as ISO 9000, ITIL, and PMIBOK from PMI.

Biz Performance Solutions supports proven methodologies, applicable to every industry, non-profits, government, and IT and is built on top of the productive dynamic platform. It’s pay as your grow billing is set up so that your entire organization can be connected and aligned to your business objectives cost effectively with measureable real ROI.

Biz Performance Solutions fully integrates different business functions offered on the AppExchange including project management, account management, and expense tracking in addition to functionality not currently found such as budgeting and revenue scheduling for Performa financial statements.

Plus, Biz Performance Solutions gives you financial management, including invoicing and payment scheduling, and a way to do cost allocation in multiple dimensions, providing real time ROI and profitability insights.

In summary, Biz Performance Solutions links your top-most strategy to day-to-day objectives all the way down to execution of programs/project for new product and services development for both external and internal users with proven results including across divisions, business units, partners, and/or suppliers.

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